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Hermes Iconic Luxury Brand

In addition to Hermes, Hermès International is also called Hermes of Paris. A number of leading consultancies have consistently ranked it as the most valuable luxury brand in the world. Among luxury brands, Hermès has an iconic status. A combination of rich heritage, exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high levels of quality and professionalism throughout the entire manufacturing process give Hermès a competitive edge in the luxury market. Lilstock offers the Leather goods, lifestyle accessories, furniture, fragrances, watches, jewelry, ready-to-wear, and saddler are currently available under the Hermès brand name.

A brief history of Hermès

The company was founded in Paris in 1837 by Thierry Hermès as a harness workshop. In the beginning, his goal was to provide leather riding gear and saddles to European noblemen. Hermès global headquarters remains at 24 Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris, where it has been since the company’s founding by Thierry’s son Charles-Émile Hermès.

Over 15,000 employees work for the brand in 311 outlets in the U.S., Russia, and Asia today. With revenues of over USD 8.3 billion and profits of over USD 1.8 billion as of 2019, it is one of the world’s largest and most admired luxury brands. Brand’s stellar performance over its 183-year history is primarily attributed to its strategy of combining quality craftsmanship with excellent creativity while unrelentingly focusing on the long-term.

Introducing Hermes’ newest collection

There is a wide variety of quality products available at Lilstock for everyone. A selection of Hermes bags, belts, scarfs, and shoes is available for purchase.

  • Hermes Bags

There is no doubt that Hermes bags are among the highest quality bags in the world. Alligator skin, calfskin, and ostrich skin are used in the making of these bags, and each one is entirely handmade. There has always been a high demand for Hermes Birkins, though they weren’t always so popular. Luxurious and stylish, Hermes bags have become synonymous with fashion today.

  • Hermes Belt

The Hermes brand is known for its belts. A Hermes belt with the signature ‘H’ clasp, the Constance belt is one of Hermes’ most iconic designs. It is not uncommon to find Hermes H buckles made of brushed palladium, sterling silver, or ruthenium, but most commonly palladium and perm brass. The palladium should have a white gray tone since it is in the platinum family. High quality and timeless style are hallmarks of the Hermes belt.

  • Hermes Scarf

Luxury and high quality are the hallmarks of Hermes scarves. A silky feel is provided by the 100% silk material. Any special occasion calls for a Hermes scarf. Hermes scarves are authentic and made in France. It is a great investment piece to own a Hermes scarf since it never goes out of style. You can give a scarf to any woman in your life as a gift.

  • Hermes Shoes

The company still manufactures most of its products in France, where 4,300 employees make up 61.4% of its workforce. An important part of Hermès is to maintain a large portion of its manufacturing in France. Wearing them won’t make you feel weighed down. The lack of arch support makes walking long distances difficult. The Hermes Shoes have a 0.25-inch heel and are essentially flat sandals.